Protect Your Website

Website is an asset and should be protected at all time. Websites get hacked often. We have a team specialised in security, who can help you clean any hack or protect it for the long run.

My Website Got Hacked, Now What?

Give us a call. We will most likely be able to recover your website, clean it, protect it and put it back live. First thing you need to do is contact us, so we can extract a copy of your website as a matter of urgency before further damage is done. In addition, we will remove the hack and refresh all the passwords to make sure the hacker stays out while we work.

Processes and Tools Perfected

We have the processes and tools down pat to get your website back on track as soon as possible. The emergency team can start the work immediately.

Backup and Recover

We can backup your website and recover it in a fresh hosting server. We will then investigate the hack, clean it and make sure your site is back on track as soon as possible.

Protect and Secure

After we remove the hack and recover the website in a new server, we can then look for solution to harden the security of you site. Hence, making it harder for hackers to penetrate.

Need Urgent Assistance?

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