Flex Catering Software

Easy to Use Catering Software, built for Professional Caters

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Software Features

  • Built by experienced caters

  • Order Management with multiple delivery times

  • Client Management

  • Product Management, simple and combo products

  • Integrated ecommerce interface

  • Complete reporting

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    Ecco Catering


    ASN Nutrition

One Price, All Features

No extra price for modules. No dotted line contract. Just easy and affordable complete catering software including client, product and order management as well as complete reports and user experience optimised for catering businesses.

Advanced Dashboard

Our dashboard gives you a nice and quick overview of how your business is performing, including sales summary, new customers and more. From the Dashboard you can easily access all sections of the system.

Customer Management

Flex Catering goes beyond customer management. It has a built in CRM allowing you to view all customer orders, add notes, view dietary requirements, preferences and more. The customers are fully integrated to the orders and products, providing a seamless user ability.

Product Management

Comprehensive product management. You can manage all your products, organise them into categories, create single or pack products, allow different prices for different customers, add images and text and much more.

Order Management

The order process was specifically tailored to fast moving kitchens with a variety of different departments and orders. All orders get stored in the database in an organised and simplified way. You can view, edit, process your orders directly in Flex Catering with a simple click of a button.


The Flex Catering has a seamless integrated front end ecommerce application. It allows your customers to place orders online. You can view the orders and approve them via the administrator section. It is the only catering software with native ecommerce functionality.


Comprehensive reports allow you to view all aspects of your business with a click of a button. There are reports for kitchen use, such as total production by product and by department, as well as sales reports.