Case Studies

01. Mealdish

MealDish recommends recipes personalised for you and your household. Not only that, we work out how many ingredients you will need for each recipe to suit your household size. (No wastage!)

This way, you know exactly what you need to buy for the week, and when you come home you’ll have everything you need for a great dinner recipe

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02. Gytbo

GYTBO is a platform for any user to lodge tax return. You can access GYTBO whenever you want and seek out the help you want and skip the help you don't need.

Gytbo website and essential tax form has been created to assist clients with all essential tax needs with an option for extra attention if you have more complex items like rental property or business needs.

Gytbo tax form is quick and makes submitting your tax easy.

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03. Bike Chaser

Bike Chaser is an online trading platform for transactions related to all kinds of cycling gear. Launched in Australia, this buy-and-sell website enables users to post their own ads and transact with potential customers or sellers without hidden charges. Bike Chaser also offers special accounts for Bike Shops where they can manage their products for sale, inventory, shop details, etc. It is the ultimate and complete bike related classifieds in Australia. Bike Chaser, being an online-based entity, chose to partner with Light Media in developing and maintaining their website ongoing.
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