Web Design Starting Points

  • By: Cris M.
  • Dec 28, 2012
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Web Design Initial Steps

Before you start dealing with web design, you should first and foremost take several basic aspects into consideration. All features of an Internet presentation ought to combine perfectly in order to display its theme in the best way for the visitors. A crucial segment in successfully displaying page content is organising your presentation with the targeted audience in mind.

Initial Steps for Web Design
Design First Steps

Key questions to consider regarding web design

  • Who is the website intended for?
  • What should visitors look for within your Internet presentation?

Regardless of the aim of your website, that aim should be easily realised from the moment the site starts loading, letting the visitors conclude they have come to the right place.

Another important aspect of  web design is the loading speed. Even though many users have evaluated a site’s speed as highly significant lately, what really matters more is to delight your visitors with strong and rich content. This will both assure them they will find valuable information on the site and that they will become return visitors in order to seek more useful content on the same or similar subject. What’s more, a good impression will lead your visitors to recommend your site and pages. Having visitors coming from all around is most valuable, because it improves the quality and trustworthiness of the site. On the other hand, many websites exclude rich content and graphics, which can compromise the  loading speed.

Is the speed more important than valuable info and captivating style?

Surely not. Perhaps the best way to get the most optimal results is to balance the graphics and speed, along with high-quality content so that your site provides all the necessary data and is functional and user-friendly.

Website Design Speed Vs Content
Speed Vs Content

The navigation of the website

Last but not the least is the site’s navigation. Organising pages and sub-pages is of the utmost importance. You want your visitors to find what they have come for easily and quickly, without misleading links and non-informative data. The interface of the website should be the visitor’s best friend, so that it can provide logical and convenient navigation.

The functionality of  web design is well-conducted only when all of these requirements are met. Websites designed and developed by experts are easy to recognise, and will definitely show great results for both the visitors and site owners.


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