Using Wireframes in Web Development Process

  • By: Cris M.
  • Nov 18, 2012
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What are wireframes, and how are they used in the web development world?

A wireframe in web development is a non-design structural mock-up that illustrates the visual order of elements on the page and how they relate to each other spatially. Wireframes do not include website design elements like colour, fonts, or images as these are guided by the website design process.

Wireframe concept
Wireframe model

Leading Edge user experience mapping and website development scoping process relies on creating wireframes that visually illustrate the user experience and summarise all the required functionalities.

What is the strategy behind such a concept?

Purpose of this process is to describe in detail what every part of every page will do. Instead of providing our clients with endless pages of (somewhat boring) database maps and technical instructions, our clients will get a high- level overview on the key user interface element interactions. This process often distils the clients’ ideas, questions the logic of the processes and takes the preparation processes to the next level. Carefully constructed wireframes can identify potential pitfalls that may not be as clear and obvious at the start, and may result in costly web development components.

Building strategy for wireframes
Wireframe Strategy Team

Our website developers and web designers alike are involved in this process, which ensures that the interface navigation, logic and layout is not one sided but it has been conjured by utilising the best of both worlds – creative, as well as technical mindsets. The entire team’s involvement so early at the website project setup stage may seem extreme, but the process streamlines the design and scope alike, and actually saves costs in the design and web development rollout stage of the project.

How do wireframes help the web development?

Involving everyone early, including our clients, helps with the overall collaboration aspect and build momentum. Pictures are much clearer way to communicate, and visuals are understood by non- technical people much better than documents, so the chances for miscommunication are much slimmer, the enemy number one of the website development budget. Scope creep can be identified early, and functionalities discussed at the early stages.

Wireframe prototypes allow the web development and design team to try a variety of approaches to solving a user navigation or website functionality problem. Leading Edge may at times offer a variety of navigational solutions, and make a decision on the best one in collaboration with the client.

Web Building
Web Development

Our creative team will also utilise the wireframes whilst applying their unique approach to the visual elements, and are in no way bound or restricted by the layout. In addition, as some creative web designers may not be fully adept in all facets of technology application, this serves as extra protection layer that all the necessary elements and navigation items will be present during the design stage.

The entire process just makes a much better web development sense.


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