Top 5 Web Design Magazines in Australia in 2013

  • By: Cris M.
  • Dec 1, 2014
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What web design magazine Australians like to read most?

There are numerous web design magazines people like to read in Australia. Some of them are closely related to this field, some mention it more or less often. Therefore, we made a list of the most popular web design magazines Aussies enjoy holding in their hands or reading online. It’s hard to tell which one is the best since all of them have something unique and special, so you are free to make a decision on your own.


Web Designer

Definitely one of the best UK’s web design sources, Web Designer magazine, is also popular in Australia. The idea of this web design magazine is to offer tutorials and guides mostly for designers with medium or high professional knowledge and experience. The centre of attention is primarily on Adobe Suit software like Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and similar.

Web Designer Magazine

Offering the latest news and feeds within the industry, Web Designer helps designers to expend their knowledge, learn about novelties in the field, and find out more about new software features and possibilities they offer.



Desktop is the most read Australia’s web design magazine. It serves professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts in the field of web design. It also offers topics on photography, typography, illustration, digital media, animation, and more.

Desktop Magazine

The main idea of this magazine is to both inform its readers and motivate them to come up with unique ideas.


Computer Arts

Computer Arts is one of the world’s most read magazines for web designers and digital specialists. Offering lots of professional guidance, it stands out from the crowd in the field of illustrations and digital arts.
Being more than just a web design magazine, Computer Arts also boasts with lots of info about 3D, motion graphics, typography, multimedia, and more.

Computer Arts Magazine

It is perfect for all who like to be into various topics and subtopics at the same time.



Many web developers and designers would agree .Net is the best web design magazine currently available. It excels at professional tutorials, guides, and tips about various technologies, software, and programs. These include JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Flash, web graphics, and more. What’s more, these articles are written by some of the most renowned specialists in these fields.

.Net Magazine

With each issue of the magazine you’ll also find a CD with additional tutorials, files, projects, and even fully featured software.


OZ Graphix

The best product from the DG Design Network, OZ Graphix, proudly wares number 8. This web design magazine provides the latest news and ideas coming from the best Australian studios. Readers can enjoy reading about topics such as web design, photography, illustration, packaging, and more.

OZ Graphics Magazine

The magazine will definitely be a great additional resource for all who are interested in these topics.

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What is your favourite web design magazine?
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