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  • By: Cris M.
  • Jan 31, 2013
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Content Management Systems (CMS) have grown in popularity lately due to their functional versatility, ease of use, and cutting-edge developer interfaces. All these features are welcomed by designers and developers, because they make the web development process much easier, faster, and more efficient.

Here is the list of selected Content Management Systems you might find useful:


#5 TextPattern


Using TextPattern, developers can smoothly and quickly build well-organised websites. The platform offers many solutions for developing simple, unobtrusive and sound concepts, supported by great modifying options. As a result, the pages load very fast and easily. The TP interface is user-friendly and made for developing all sorts of websites. There are various plugins and add-ons available. Plugin categories are comprised of e-commerce, custom fields, articles, archives, etc. All these features make TextPattern a powerful Content Management System.

TextPattern – CMS Platform

Another great feature of TextPattern is the anti-spam protection that blocks undesirable comments. What’s more, you can even improve the functionality of your platform and further improve it according to your personal needs. There are also various themes you can use and customise the way you like.


TP does not feature as extensive community as some other CMS platforms. The same applies to themes. There are some high-quality templates available to choose from, however, not too many.


If you are looking for a straightforward and easy-to-use platform, then TextPattern might be perfect for you. It is flexible and customisable, offering many solutions for developers and designers. It is ideal for beginners and less-skilled developers.

Getting started with TextPattern
WordPress Vs TextPattern

What is your experience with TextPattern? What would you recommend to beginners?
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