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  • By: Cris M.
  • Jan 26, 2013
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Content Management Systems (CMS) have grown in popularity lately due to their functional versatility, ease of use, and cutting-edge developer interfaces. All these features are welcomed by designers and developers, because they make the web development process much easier, faster, and more efficient.

Here is the list of selected Content Management Systems you might find useful:


#1 WordPress


This is by far the most popular CMS currently available for developers. And it is free. It supports an endless number of themes, widgets, plugins, and other niceties. Perhaps the greatest advantage of WordPress is its developer community, offering an extensive amount of information, such as tutorials and introductions,  for both beginners and experts. WP lets you create various types of sites in domains such as business, social, community, e-commerce, blog etc.

WordPress – CMS Platform

In addition, it has many usability friendly features such as being compatible with W3C web standards (careful of custom templates) – and just looks plain amazing. Many have found this platform extremely user-friendly which is why it has become so widespread. There are many popular brands that are using WordPress, such as eBay, Yahoo, Flickr, Mozilla Firefox, just to name a few.


WP updates its platform relatively often, however, not all plugins will update at the same time which might cause certain incompatibilities or instability. Besides, the basic installation can lead to a number of security risks, making it vulnerable to hackers. Also worth mentioning is that WP might be excessive  for simple-designed websites. As is the case with every extensive market, finding the plugin you are looking for within WP can be difficult sometimes, too.


Regardless of your personal preference, WordPress can definitely improve the way your create and develop websites. It is easy to handle, use and maintain, offering many possibilities for both newbies and senior developers.

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What is your experience with WordPress? What would you recommend to beginners?
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