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  • By: Cris M.
  • Jan 30, 2013
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Content Management Systems (CMS) have grown in popularity lately due to their functional versatility, ease of use, and cutting-edge developer interfaces. All these features are welcomed by designers and developers, because they make the web development process much easier, faster, and more efficient.

Here is the list of selected Content Management Systems you might find useful:


#4 ExpressionEngine


ExpressionEngine used to be the most popular CMS platform. It features an appealing design, various handy features and excellent security solutions. Developers who have used EE are mainly focused on creating technical websites. The final product looks highly-professional, functional, and user-oriented, which is why many prefer this platform. Types of sites that can be created with EE are forums, e-commerce, stats, wiki, mailing lists, as well community websites.


As for the themes, plugins, and add-ons EE is not as extensive as some other CMS platforms. However, these modules and plugins are one of the most desired, boasting great usability features. There are many websites developed using ExpressionEngine such as Canon, BroBible, State Department, TCMag, and more.


Some might find EE costly, especially if it is intended for developing commercial websites. Even though its not a free platform, there is no demo available to see before the purchase. With the popularity of various types of sites, developers might seek other platforms, due to small amount if themes offered.

ExpressionEngine is certainly one of the most professional CMS platforms. It is costly, but its features are worth every penny. This is one of the finest solution you can find if you want to build a serious, professional, and highly-developed website.

Installing ExpressionEngine

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