The Concept of Professional Web Design

  • By: Cris M.
  • Apr 15, 2013
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When it comes to deciding how professional a web designer is going to be there are usually two choices. The first one is always to be as professional as possible. However, due to practical and commercial circumstances, most web designers tend to steer clear of such a concept, at least in the beginning. As an outcome, web designing seems to rely on individual preferences and likeness of how it should be carried out.

What does professional web design mean?

Most designers would say professional web designing relates to quality and thoughtfulness, neglecting the necessary aesthetic and liability aspects. Unfortunately, this is a completely wrong point of view, because the key postulates of professionalism has hardly anything to do with technical quality.

Professional web design

What is the reason for this? Well, it’s quite simple. In most cases this is because being professional is quite costly.

What should web designing look like?

Designing is like painting or any other such type of art. It involves skills, talent, commitment, ideas, etc. Nevertheless, working for others, which is usually the case, limits your perspectives and slightly pushes you towards completing tasks for them. Accordingly, the business requirements will be the priority, compromising those professional designing aspects such as ethics, procedure, or functionality.

Designing Aspects 

With such attitude, clients will not care much about letting you make key decisions, and rather tell you what to and how to do the design. Completing tasks like that turns designers into traders, and leaves no space for artistic and creative diversity. Even worse, most designers are getting used to this do-the-task relation and feel no remorse about it.

The cost of being professional

In terms of the costs, some results show that keeping up professionalism becomes a mission impossible due the popular trends and conventions recognised with most people. If you wonder why this is so, the answer might lie in the very concept of web designing.

Web Designing

The moment a designer starts thinking about designing as a profession rather than as an opportunity to put his ideas to practise, the entire pyramid starts collapsing.

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