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  • By: Cris M.
  • Dec 20, 2012
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What is squidoo blogging?

Squidoo blogging is a hub-based platform that lets you create so called lenses, unlike most other systems that allow you to work with pages and sub-pages instead. These lenses serve as pages that are integrated into a single Squidoo account.

What can you do with squidoo blogging?

The array of page and article topics is limitless, which means that you can write blogs related to as specific subjects as you need, without compromising efficiency and accessibility of information. The main concept under the lenses is to gain in popularity and visits, because this directly affects the quality of your articles and furthermore impinges the strength of the links imported. Strong texts and well-designed lenses help you carry high level of generated traffic.

Within lenses you are given a multitude of various modules that let you entirely organise and customise the look of your pages and blogs. Proper arrangement of modules in lenses affects the compendium of your key points, highlighting the most significant information.

Best Blogging Systems - Squidoo
Squidoo – Free Community Website

How important is squidoo blogging for SEO?

Experienced SEO copywriters and experts in general find Squidoo blogging very interesting, as is the case with other blogging systems. Since it lets you create both private and business lenses, Squidoo delivers indispensable details to article seekers. Knowing this, you can take the advantage of summoning readers easily and expanding the number of unique visits, which can take a significant role in the search engines.

This is best accomplished with linked keywords within text you want to optimise.

How to use squidoo blogging?

It takes very few steps to get the most from Squdioo lenses. There are detailed instructions you should follow, and tasks you are recommended to perform. The moment you fulfil these requirements, Squidoo ensures your texts get as maximum marketing as possible. The more unique and better-written lenses you create the more visitors, likes and shares you get. An exquisite topic or article can rapidly increase in popularity and go viral, which can notably increase your primary site’s number of visits.

Beginner's Guide for Squidoo Blogging
Squidoo Blogging Instructions

Does squidoo include statistics and analytics?

Squidoo also offers internal statistics of the lenses that provide you with useful information. These particulars are split into two tabs: summary and traffic. The summary tab lets you see the lensrank, surfer stats (clickouts), visits by day, and lensrank by day. In the traffic tab you can get more info about the lens traffic (by day, week, or month), number of visits and pageviews. What’s more, you get to track the traffic sources (Google, referral, direct, ask, bing, …), keyword listing, referrers, and clickouts. Using these data properly helps you create tags that let potential readers find your articles more easily.

Squidoo Analytics
Squidoo Lens Statistics

Improving your link building popularity with Squidoo blogging is simple, however, it takes time and authentic content. The system is designed to actively engage you in writing and lens creating in order to advance in levels and simultaneously unlock new options and possibilities. Getting along with Squidoo blogging is entertaining, absorbing, and useful for off-page search engine optimisation.


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