• By: Cris M.
  • Jun 11, 2013
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SEO vs SEM: Is past talk

The commonly accepted approach to driving traffic to ecommerce websites through search engine results pages used to be  a combination of SEM strategy (using Google Adwords PPC) with some SEO tactics (quality content, link building, on-page optimisation).

Once the high organic rankings were achieved, there was no need to continue with the PPC campaigns as traffic would naturally come from organic searches. The online marketing specialist would than focus almost exclusively on the SEO strategy: quantity link building, blog writing and internal website optimisation ongoing. However, this is the past.

SEO was a long term investment while SEM was a short-term enabler. However, the game has changed with new aspects are defining how a website gets ranked on Google. Among them, Social Media, Quality of the Content, Quality of the Links. In addition, SEM PPC has expanded to include other platforms such as Mobile Apps, Free Softwares, Display Ads, YouTube, etc.

Nowadays, a online marketer has to combine both SEO and SEM strategies, which we at Light Media call it the Online Marketing approach.

It is inevitable that ranking on the first page of Google is the ongoing work of planning and actioning a combination of strategies: Internal Website Optimisation, Blog Posting, Guest Posting, Social Media marketing, Display Ads, Google Adwords, the technical aspect of the website and more.

The price of a good ranking is the eternal vigilance and demands ongoing hard work to fight off new contenders. And the ground is always shifting with new platforms and algorithms coming up.

Google has revamped the Google Shopping service and introduced sponsored Product Listing Ads and Google Places, both of which now crowd out the organic results for an increasing number of product-related searches.

If you want to get your products consistently on the first page of Google’s search engine results, don’t just rely on old SEO tactics, talk to us about how a comprehensive, diversified digital marketing strategy can be created and implemented for your business.


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