Outstanding Website Design – a ‘must road’

  • By: Cris M.
  • Feb 28, 2012
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Outstanding website design – a ‘must road’ for Melbourne businesses

It is no secret that web design is a growing industry in Australia. More and more consumers are going online looking for better services and products for their modern needs. The design of your website can make a difference between winning or losing sales.

The advance of the Internet over traditional ‘brick and mortar’ retail outlets are gaining precedence in today’s marketplace. Well-designed websites are crucial for turning online shoppers into buyers. This is important in an era where consumers are spoilt for choice with competitive websites, free delivery and shopping anytime 24/7, hence the design of your website can make a difference.

Web design knowledge, skills and services will become an even more important service for businesses. In the near future, most businesses will have to have a good quality website and online presence to survive. This is a fact in our current technology era, which traditional retailers will have to embrace to survive. Consumers will not hesitate to go online to shop and compare products and prices.

The Internet has created a transparent world for the end consumer and businesses must embrace this notion to gain consumer confidence and credibility. In addition, the business generated online will be a large part of any Australian business with a competitive edge. The companies that are getting ready for the future are already taking full advantage of the Internet as a lead generation.

Cris Matsunaga is a Melbourne based web designer with over 10 years experience in web design, development and online marketing. He is currently the head of design and Light Media.

Cris has been around since the beginning of the Internet generation. He has got a wealth of information on how to design and develop websites, as well as market them online. Cris has been involved in the development of many successful ecommerce websites such as Appliances Online, Bebelicious and Tweet Tweet.

In a recent media interview with Purple Cow SEO Cris said ‘…there is so much value that needs to be added to Australian businesses online…’ and ‘… as the internet is a fairly new industry a high percentage are yet to realise the full impact that a well designed website can have on their business….’

This will all change over the next few years for a few reasons. Firstly, companies and their staff are becoming more educated and savvy about web design and ‘look and feel’ of the company’s website. Secondly, the addition of younger people to the work force who have grown up in the Internet world will drive companies online. It is all about understanding the benefits and advantages of the Internet and how a effective, good looking website can benefit the business.

According to Internet World Statistics, in 2012 the number of Internet users has almost doubled to 2 billion people, which is 29% of the world population. Looking at these statistics it is easy to predict that percentage-wise, there is still a lot of growth to come. Can you image a world where 50% of the population uses the Internet? It won’t take long. Speculation says that as much as 50% of the world population will be connected by 2015. Isn’t your business online yet? Start looking sooner rather than later.

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