Magento or Edge Commerce for My Online Store

  • By: Cris M.
  • Apr 15, 2015
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Magento and Edge Commerce are both fantastic systems for online store websites (also known as ecommerce). They offer all the basic tools required to manage an online store such as products, order, clients, discounts, integration with payment gateways and more.

They are solid, robust and can deal with large amounts of data. Both of them run on PHP and MySQL database. They are also open source applications, which means any developer with the right set of skills can continue to develop and maintain the website.

We have designed and developed several Magento and Edge Commerce over the years. We are always asked: Magento or Edge Commerce for My Online Store? The answer lies on your current and future business requirements and also user experience taste. Both systems are enterprise level applications, hence it is important you understand their differences in order to make an educated decision.

So here it goes, Magento or Edge Commerce for My Online Store:


Magento is an eBay company and has received large investment in recent times to bring the application to enterprise level. It is well known, robust and secure. As a package software Magento was developed to suit the needs of many industries and markets worldwide. Magento has a lot of functionality, many of them which you might never use. Magento is complex and requires a good level of IT experience managing ecommerce websites.

There are a good array of plugin extensions available to add functionality to your website. However, third party plugins are not always reliable and can open vulnerabilities in your website. Magento is open source, hence experienced web developers can create further functionality. However, as Magento releases new versions of its application, any customisation might need to be adapted to work on the new version of Magento.

If the default Magento functionality fulfils all your current and future business requirements, and you are keen to improve your IT skills to manage the website, then Magento is a good option for you. Also note that Magento requires a powerful hosting server to run comfortably.

We suggest you visit the Magento website for all the default functionality available.
For more information about Magento, visit

Edge Commerce

The Edge Commerce is a market centric website application. It was designed and developed in Australia to suit the needs of Australian businesses. It includes by default GST calculation and integration with logistic companies like Australia Post and payment gateways like eWay and SecurePay.

The Edge Commerce user interface was designed having in mind easy to use and simplicity. The default package is not as complete as Magento, but it is quicker to implement any design and more cost effective to customise functionality.

The Edge Commerce also has some advanced functionality which are innovative and advanced:

Hot Spots

Hot stops are allocated to the product image to highlight a specific product feature. The functionality allows the administrator to add specific information about a product in the product image. Website customers can click on the hot spots and view the product specific features. Visit the link below for Hot Spot example:

Pricing Group

Pricing group allows you to have specific price to specific login customers. So that each customer can have their unique prices to selected products.

If you are looking for an easy to use, fast and flexible online store, Edge Commerce is the best option for you.

You can also visit the Edge Commerce website for view its functionalities and more information:
For more information about Edge Commerce, visit

If you would like further assistance choosing with ecommerce website system, contact us for a free consultation.

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