What To Look For In A Web Development Agency

  • By: Cris M.
  • Nov 17, 2012
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Following are some important points which all potential customers should consider when choosing a web development agency and initiating a web development project. Failure to account for any of these items will most likely result in frustration, either immediately of further along in the process when you might be considering upgrading or migrating the site.

Will you get access to source code files upon the completion of the job?

It is important to check if the source code files will be your intellectual property at the end of the web development process, and if they will be supplied to you. Examples of this include original Photoshop (psd) layered files, as well as Flash files. If you are not supplied the original project files, you won’t be able to easily make changes to the existing layout without the web development agency being involved.

website development agency - source code
Source Code

Are there any ongoing licence costs for the platform they will be using?

This may be obvious but occasionally website development companies will ‘overlook’ such intricacies. Always make sure you know how much (if any) on going monthly or yearly costs will be, both hosting or otherwise.

How flexible is the platform? Can they modify their system to cater for customisable functionalities that may be specific to your requirements?

Many website design agencies use template driven software, meaning they are stuck with certain ‘off-the-shelf’ functionalities that cannot be added to easily.

Is the platform they are using restrictive of the design interface in any way?

Most systems have restrictions in terms of placements and positioning of content, hence most websites look the same. The best way to get an honest response to this from a web development companies is to check if a 3rd party provides a design, can they implement this regardless of how it fits within their content management system.

website development agency - design interface issues
Website Design Interface

Do they have qualified, dedicated onsite creative staff members that can tailor a design solution?

You do not want your work shipped offshore to some company which will return a substandard result with little feedback. You will be most satisfied with the end result through iterative development cycles and feedback between yourself and the web development agency.

What is their design process? What happens if you are not satisfied with the design concept proposed?

As above, the creative process is best done in an agile way. At Leading Edge, we keep working on the design until you are 100% satisfied, and provide deliverable continually.

What other processes do they have in place? Do they have a dedicated business analysis phase, user experience phase, and a structured testing process?

Leading Edge has strict web development methodologies – we spend a significant amount of time on providing a wireframe (prototype) of the website to ensure the client has a full understanding of all the functionalities which will be built. This way, we can view the website from a purely user navigation perspective, before the build stage commences.

Depending on what you are working towards, the above issues level of importance will shift around. They are all applicable, however, if you are looking for a satisfying end result for your project.


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