• By: Cris M.
  • Jan 21, 2017
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2016 was indeed “a year for realising stuff”, and for us at Light Media, we sure did realise what an altogether beautiful thing it would be to revive our blog and share our knowledge. 

2016 in review light media

It’s been a while since our little blog roll went on a hiatus, and honestly, we missed releasing posts on a regular basis. That’s why on September last year, with the hope to regain momentum, we decided to start writing and publishing again.

Among other things, we talked about tech, web, marketing and related content. We shared a good laugh on the funniest reactions to iPhone 7 as netizens (internet citizens) brought to Twitter their two cents on Apple’s flagship features and the lack thereof. We even did a little myth-busting stint hoping to normalise the way we treat page interactions because really, gaining more page visitors is just like gaining a new friend.

As people tend to become very visual, an optimal web design is a must. In an attempt to help out web designers, we rounded up and wrote a listicle on the top 7 make-or-break elements that make up a visually-pleasing website.

In the copywriting department, we shared our sentiments on how branding is the ultimate deciding factor on what content you publish. Spam trigger words were also listed for you to avoid — you’re welcome.

2016 was a productive year for Light Media, and we want to pick up the pace further this new year with publishing and sharing our knowledge. Expect more exciting discussions on marketing and technology from us as we brew compelling topics for you. This is what we love. This 2017, we commit to curate thought-provoking content whilst keeping your interests a priority.

Starting next week, we will release blog posts two times a week. Just before we do that, make sure you’ve already subscribed to our mailing list so you won’t miss a thing.

To you, dear reader: From the bottom of our wordsmith hearts — thank you! and continue to share the love.


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