Brief Introduction to White Hat SEO Techniques

  • By: Cris M.
  • Apr 17, 2013
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White hat SEO (or moral SEO as some call it) is the only correct, legitimate, and accepted strategy, which every SEO expert/ copywriter should stick to. Not only is it highly valued by Google, but it is also indirectly valued by users. We’ve already covered what SEO stands for, nevertheless quite often with this term comes two other modifiers: white and black (and even sometimes grey). Read on to learn more about white hat SEO:

What is white hat SEO?

White hat SEO focuses on users and visitors of websites in general. Techniques and strategies used for white hat SEO include acknowledged and accepted ways of building traffic, interaction, trustworthiness and more on a website. Strictly speaking, SEO should be conducted following the rules of Google. These encompass Webmaster Guidelines and other recommendations by renowned experts in this field. Complying with these regulations of the search engine will ensure you stay on the right track, and will not be penalised.

What does white hat SEO cover?

There are various strategies and techniques that are included and used for white hat SEO. Just to name a few: keyword search optimisation, content writing, analytics, link building, internal linking, meta descriptions, Heading tags, ALT tags, etc.

SEO Elements

Every one of these elements have their own and unique role in this process. They are all important and should not be overlooked if you intend to do everything right.

SEO keywords and content writing

Before you start writing content for your website, you should do a keyword research. Keywords are the most relevant and significant words for your website content. They should represent what your website is about and help users find you more easily and quickly. Choosing single words is not of much help; therefore try targeting the best keyword phrases because they are much more effective.

SEO link building

Link building for SEO comprises of internal linking and back linking strategies. The first is about linking the sources within your website correctly. As a result of such a process search engines value your site content and functionality higher. The information a user seeks is easier to reach and make use of, which is the best thing a site can offer – easy access to valuable information!

Link Building

Back linking refers to the strategy of creating reader-friendly content you post on the Internet for everyone to read, use, and share with others. It boosts both the popularity and trustworthy of your website.

SEO Heading Tags and Meta Description

Yet another element of white hat SEO includes creating Heading tags and writing relevant meta descriptions. This is quite important since it might bring visitors to your website easier and faster. Even though some parts of the meta description, such as keywords, have become less important to search engines lately, it does not mean that title tags and descriptions themselves should be neglected.
Heading tags are titles and subtitles of your pages or blog posts and play an important role in highlighting specific words or phrases of the text. Heading tags help your users and search engines recognise key points and sections in the text and navigate easier to questions and answers within the content.

Pictures and Alt tags

Completing every task and requirement of white hat SEO lets search engines realise and recognise your website as relevant, secure, and informative. This includes optimising pictures and Alt tags as well. In order to help Google index your pages more easily, you can help it by inputting additional information about your pictures and content.

SEO images

This is also helpful for accessibility and allowing users with devices such as screen readers to better understand your site.

White hat SEO verdict

Using techniques and strategies of white hat SEO can help your website stand out from the crowd. Additionally, it is the only practical and legal way of optimising your web presentation and letting both search engines and users make the most of it. This article covers only the key points of white hat SEO to introduce you to the concept and idea of such strategy, and hopefully engage you further in this topic.

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