Funniest Reactions to iPhone 7

  • By: Kriselle Gueco
  • Sep 20, 2016
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Twitter is loud again. Oh wait, was it ever quiet?

Technology giant Apple revealed their new flagship products iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on Wednesday, September 7, just like what they usually do at this time of the year. Accompanied with an impressive promotional video showing off its key features and a few drastic changes, we can say early on that these phones will be a big hit for Apple once again.

And with every announcement of a new iPhone comes a great Internet conversation between Apple fans and bystanders venting their opinions, feelings, and/or emotions on this pressing matter. To give you a run-through of how far humanity’s sense of humor has gone due to the iPhone 7 announcement, we’ve excavated for the funniest reactions from opinion gold mine site that is Twitter.

The Camera

In a world where perfect flat lays and Instagrammable brick walls rule, a good quality camera is essentially one of the biggest factors buyers consider in getting a new phone. To further prove our point, the iPhone 7 Plus is built in with not only a single back camera but with separate wide-angle and telephoto cameras.

The company also boasts about their new 7-megapixel front cameras, enabling us, mere humans to take better selfies. However, our friend here from Twitter raises a valid point we can relate to:


We totally feel you

The Headphone Jack

Perhaps the most controversial alteration seen in these new iPhones is the sudden trip to the minimalist route after deciding to ditch the headphone jack and introducing AirPods, a pair of wireless headphones that address this familiar problem:


RIP, headphones

With an introductory price of AU$229, the AirPods are expected to bring a brand-new auditory experience to its users. Tasks such as answering calls and talking to Siri are simplified through its built-in AAC audio and noise-cancelling microphones.

And while these are pretty striking specs, Evan Cheney is the next innovator in town, expressing the general public’s sentiment on another crucial issue:


Uhm, do you hear us, Youtube?

Water-Resistant Body

iPhone finally catches up with the technology other smartphone brands have been adapting earlier – a water-resistant or waterproof body. This will definitely come handy when unfortunate accidents happen, namely dropping your phone in the loo or forgetting you have a phone in your pocket after being thrown in the pool. Our Twitter friends chime in with their own reasons why the iPhone definitely needed this upgrade:


That’s very student-friendly of you, Apple


Oh yes, that’s its price. And oh no, don’t you dare lose it

The Price

The iPhone 7 is priced at AU$846 for its 32-gigabyte standard storage capacity, a notable doubling from its standard capacity of 16-gigabyte. And well, of course, not all of us can afford such luxury.


Are you thinking what Maria is thinking?


Not everyone is ecstatic about the new iPhone, though. Perhaps they prefer their own version of it?


Can I get this in Mcpple stores?

The Prophecy

Twitter prophet Jomar brings in his own theory into the conversation and predicts the the gradual extinction of the iPhone line:


The future is bright and clear

The Actual Truth

As expected, there were the Apple fans and enthusiasts who expressed their deep desire in owning the newly-announced product ASAP (seriously, they cannot chill). But, TBH…



And finally, to complete our roster of funny tweets on the iPhone 7, Nokia 3310 seals the deal:


And that’s not a hashtag on the keypad…

How about you? How did you react to the recent announcement of the new iPhone 7? Is it a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’? Are you getting it or not? Tell us in the comments below!


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