European Start-up Helpling is Digitising Home Services in Australia

  • By: Cris M.
  • Nov 6, 2016
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Recently we have come across a new website that deserves one’s attention.

Just like online carpooling platforms and accommodation booking sites, we expect home services are set to become the next big thing in Australian e-commerce. Who doesn’t need their homes cleaned? is the platform for just that, connecting cleaners and home owners in a seamless and secure way. Customers can book a one-off, weekly, or fortnightly home cleaning service either on Helpling’s online platform or mobile app, whether at home or on the go.

After expanding rapidly throughout Europe, Helpling, the global platform for booking home cleaning services, was launched in Australia. The company initially entered the Australian market by offering online domestic cleaning bookings in Sydney, before expanding to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

The online platform, which allows customers to find vetted cleaners in just a few easy clicks, signals the beginning of a new trend in Australian e-commerce – the beginning of a home services boom, which has already taken off in North America and across Western Europe. As the booking of domestic cleaning services moves online, web-based providers are expected to supersede the traditional offline market for home cleaners.

Market potential

The launch of Helpling in Sydney and Melbourne comes at a time when the demand for home cleaning services is growing. Helpling’s own internal estimates value the Australian domestic cleaning market at over AUD 2 billion.

Partly the rise in high and dual-income households, alongside the ageing of the population (Ibis World, May 2014), has contributed to the soared in demand for domestic cleaning. In the five years leading up to 2015, there was an average of 4.4% job growth for domestic cleaners nationwide (Department of Employment, 2016). And looking ahead, the number of households in Australia is projected to increase by over 11.4 million by 2031 (ABS, March 2011).


How the Helpling platform works

Customers can log onto Helpling Australia or use the company’s smartphone app, to make a booking. The three step process involves entering a location, selecting an available appointment time, and paying securely online. The service starts at an hourly rate of $32, dependent on the frequency of the booking. Helpling then matches customer bookings with a curated selection of independent cleaners, who have all passed a series of interviews and background checks.

The online platform has been successfully tried and tested in 8 other international markets, with plans to expand the service further. “Our business model is based on the fact that customer and cleaner are able to maintain a long-term relationship through our platform”, said Benedikt Franke, Co-founder of Helpling. The platform’s unique features, such as the “the simple process of adapting of invoices as well as the security through liability and accident insurance, leave no reason for getting a home cleaner on the black market”.

About Helpling Australia

Helpling’s Australia base is in North Sydney. The company’s mission is to make on-demand home cleaning services conveniently accessible to customers at a transparent hourly rate. The service’s headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany, with smaller presences in the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. Helpling is supported by Rocket Internet, the world’s largest internet venture builder.


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