Essentials For Professional Web Design

  • By: Cris M.
  • Feb 12, 2013
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Web design is definitely a serious undertaking, and one which involves a large time investment if the end result is expected to be of a high quality. It will involve various aspects which may not be immediately seen in the final product, such as preparation, strategy plan, wire framing, testing and implementation. So, what are some basic principles for professional web design? What makes a certain agencies’ web design process special?


The process of designing a website that is functional, easy to use, interacts with visitors and keeps them returning is a hell of a job. Adhering to these elements will determine how a company chooses to design a website while ensuring the best possible result. In order to help you understand more easily the main concept behind this, here is the list of the essentials every professional designer should stick to.

First Sight

What you hope for when a visitor enters your website is that he/she will like it visually, and stay for some time, rather than be repelled by poor aesthetics or overused blinking/annoying content. Your goal is to captivate your visitors and get them interested in what they are seeing. We’re talking about only a couple of seconds after they’ve come to your site, so we need to make sure that everything possible was done well and that what they see initially will keep them busy browsing your pages – and hopefully encourage return visits.

Attractive Web Design

When you are sure that visitors will like your home page at first sight, you should start thinking about the web design in general. Building trust to your visitors is of utmost importance. You want to let them see how serious and professional your site is, offering great visual appeal combined with useful content. This will keep your visitors on the site, and engage them to look further.

Rich Content

Good design and UI will please your visitors, and keep them using your website. However, rich content is also very important, or the most important at this point. Visual impression works only in the beginning, and rich content is what your visitors will make use of most, and also find worth in coming back to.


User Interface

It’s amazing how many web developers happen to forget about the importance of website usability and user interface. The better these elements are, the more visitors will come, stay, and return to your pages. It’s as simple as that. There are many examples of this, RealRapsody, Hyundai, CityCliq, to name just a few. Have this in mind while working on your web design, and you will have no shortage of both unique and returning visitors.

Page Loading Speed

Even though the website speed is not a deal-breaker in most cases, especially with popular brand websites, it should not be overlooked. The speed is especially significant however for e-commerce websites, because visitors do not want to lose time waiting for pages to load. If you are experiencing slow page load-time, it could be that the page script is inefficiently written, or the server the site is hosted on is under heavy load or not powerful enough, or a combination of these factors.


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