How Effective are Infographics for Your Online Business?

  • By: Cris M.
  • Mar 15, 2013
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Using infographics for business marketing can help your business grow more easily and effectively. Infographics are visual and contextual tools used to convey a message, and therefore with some creative and captivating ideas you can engage your customers to learn more about your products or services. The ability to express your thoughts both graphically and textually helps your business to spread across the Internet more quickly.

Benefits of Infographics

There are numerous benefits of promoting your online business using infographics. First of all they consist of valuable and precise information readers are looking for. They are therefore quite easy to read, understand, and remember.


Since infographics are images, it is easy to share them with others. Generally, people like them more than written content, because they are more interactive and save time.

Infographics Effectiveness

Creating infographics is a challenging task. This process requires some attractive and smart solutions that are comforting to see and easy to take in. Once you learn how to create good infographics your customers will be much more engaged and willing to visit your site.


For instance, your traffic can grow 10% faster if you include infographics in your site content. Also, search for infographics on Google and you’ll find more than half a million results, which proves their popularity.

Creating Infographics

Thankfully, there are quite a few tools for creating infographics and visualisation. Find the one that suits you best and try to come up with some original and useful solutions. Afterwards, publish it on your site or blog and spread the word via social media. Make sure its  shareable so that everyone can get involved. Publish them on websites like Tumblr or Pinterest and let everyone enjoy your creations and get interested in your business.

Creating process

Also important to know is that the more detailed and specific infographics you make the better. Throwing all your business aspects in a single infographic is not a great idea. Focus on the information related to the page your infographic is used on. With all these tips and recommendations, you website business will start showing better results and hopefully a better conversion rate.

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