Backup and Restore Joomla Websites

  • By: Cris M.
  • Jul 21, 2011
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Backup and Restore Joomla Websites

This article will help you in a few easy steps on how to backup and restore Joomla websites, using the extensions Akeeba, Kickstart, FTP and cPanel.

  1. Go to your existing Joomla CMS and run an Akeeba backup.
  2. Download the backup file to your computer.
  3. Create a new FTP account (Ask your hosting management for that).
  4. Go to cPanel of the new account and create the database (db) and database user:
    • Login to cPanel
    • domainname/cpanel
    • Username: provided
    • Password: provided
  5. Using a FTP software like Filezilla, login to your new account
    • Server: provided by your hosting provider
    • User: provided (same as cPanel)
    • Pass: provided (same as cPanel)
  6. Upload the Akeeba backup file (downloaded on Step 2) to the public_html
  7. Upload Kickstart files: kickstart.php and English (en) (upload them to the public_html folder).
  8. On your browser go to server-ip-provided/~username/kickstart.php (or to your temporary URL /kickstart.php)
  9. Once in the page aboove, make sure your website backup file is shown in the first dropdown box. Then click Start to proceed. Follow the prompts (next).
  10. On the Database setup page select:
    • Database type: mysql
    • Localhost
    • Database username: created on the cPanel on step 4
    • Database password: create on the cPanel on step 4
    • Database name: create on the cPanel on step 4.
    • Click next and restoration process will begin.
    • Click Ok when completed.
  11. Click on the link remove installation directory.
  12. Press Ok and your Website clone should be working on the new server / hosting account.
  13. Final Step: Login to your domain name administrator (company your domain name is registered with) and change the Name Servers (if moving into a new server).
    The Name Servers are provided with your hosting account plan. The propagation of the Name Servers can take up to 24 hours, which means you will be able to see your new website within this timeframe.


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