Advantages of Custom Content Management Systems

  • By: Cris M.
  • Feb 1, 2013
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Content Management Systems have significantly improved the way developers build websites. Designing, coding, functionality, usability, and all other features are now much easier to perform and manage, thanks to the help of CMS platforms. We’ve already covered the top 5 CMS platforms we think are the most prominent in the developer community today. However, besides these and many other tools available on the Internet, many website managers use custom Content Management Systems.

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Such platforms are intended for customers who seek special features and functionalities that are not included anywhere else. What’s more, custom CMS solutions have many other advantages over the pre-built ones.

What are the main benefits of custom CMS platforms?

Unique Design

One of the best ways to create original and authentic web designs is to use custom CMS platforms. This lets you simply use and modify modules and navigation of your own. Besides, you will no longer have to use pre-designed themes that do not meet all your needs.


Plugins Support

In terms of website usability and functionality, plugins are a very important segment of a CMS. With custom solutions you can add features you need, creating compatible plugins. Accordingly, you can make use of a new function you need in an instant – you are not bound by only plugins that already exist.


Manage Multiple Sites

With a custom-made platform, managing several websites is child’s play. By default, Content Management Systems that support this feature are rare. Being able to maintain all your websites using only one platform is an obvious advantage. It saves your time and gives you the opportunity to apply any possible changes to all your pages quickly and easily.


Client satisfaction

Thanks to many personalisation and modification possibilities of a custom CMS, no requirements will be impossible to meet. Make any changes necessary to the platform, and enjoy the satisfied faces on all your clients.



As we all know, some CMSs have serious security and anti-spam issues. With a custom platform, you can implement any security solution you think is required. What’s more, you will hardly ever attract the attention of spammers and hackers.



Custom CMS platforms let you add a category, page, or a new feature to your website without any trouble, without tedious manual coding and navigation tool modifications. This area exposes the weaknesses in how automated systems work and compare to pre-designed solutions.



Managing your own CMS will also affect the ways you create your development strategies and software architecture. This is highly encouraging, because it lets you have logical structures and excellent performance of your web pages.

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What is your experience with custom CMSs?
Do you prefer custom CMSs over pre-built ones?


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