4 Common SEO Mistakes With Title Tags

  • By: Cris M.
  • Feb 4, 2013
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The title or your article is one of the most important elements in terms of SEO. Unfortunately, many authors pay no attention to the title of their texts, which affects the ranking and overall appeal of the post.
Considering page titles, there are several common SEO mistakes everyone should avoid:


Identical Page Titles

The title of a page should represent the article in its entirety, telling what the article is about. Authors who write posts on similar topics usually neglect the titles, ending up with the same words. Even though this is not always easy to do, titles should be unique and original, and yet concise and organised.

Duplicated Page Titles

Duplicated titles will result in confusion among readers who are trying to decide which post to read. What’s more, search engines will find such titles hard to distinguish and possibly penalise them.


Keyword Stuffing


Just think about your reaction when you encounter a title with crammed keywords. It feels unnatural, inappropriate, and even discouraging to go through. This applies not only to the title, but the text as well. It will both affect the ease of reading and the ranking. Even though there are people who speak and write about the keyword density, the only truth is that a naturally written text is the best tactics you can perform.

Keyword Stuffing

If there is no need to add a keyword where it does not belong, simply do not add it. However, if you really have to write it, choose a synonymous word or phrase and replace it. The readers of your posts will appreciate this and possibly come back again to read other posts.


Page Title Length

Many SEO Tools suggest about the lengths of a page title. It is a common knowledge that the titles should not exceed 70 characters, because Google will not count them. On the other hand, too short titles are not suggested as well.

Title Tag Length

When you need to decide on the page title, think about being creative and concise. For instance, exclude all words that are not necessary, such as articles or prepositions. Take a lot at how to write a good title and description.


No Title

Leaving an article untitled is the worst thing you can do. There is an endless list of such texts on Google, believe it or not. Untitled article is hard to find and index, and you certainly want to avoid that. You want your article to be visible and popular, summoning readers with its well-structured title.


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